All the features you need.
Right out of the box.

Adaptable, Extensible, Versionable.

All Business Features included

Integrated in a single and modern UI.
Focused on simplicity and productivity.

Ready to consolidate most of your existing applications.
Designed to be adapted to your custom requirements.


Manage customers, suppliers, business partners, contact persons and employees.


Topic-based multi-channel communication that's designed to keep your team connected, without overburdening your day-to-day.


Manage project tasks, resources, budgets, hours billed and expenses.


Automate multi-channel campaigns, track activity, create leads and opportunities.


Share all your documents, templates.
Workflows, versions and MS Office integration.


Handle support requests, change requests, ideas, questions. Share knowledge in interactive wikis.


Manage your products including product variants. Control flexible discounts and special prices.


See all your goods receiving, availability, inventory and track serial and batch numbers.


Track your contracts, offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices.


Keep track of your requisition notes, proposals orders and invoices.

Debtors & Creditors

Generate electronic payments, review payments, account statements and reports.


Stay on top of your accounting entries, balance sheets and income statements.

Mobile Apps

A great
mobile experience

Your business in the palm of your hands. Use your mobile for your business operations with our device integration, browse safely with our encrypted communication and enjoy the responsive interface for phones and tablets.

Secure Access

Interact in a calm and safe way with all your devices. Our communication is encrypted with HTTPS without data storage on the device.

iOS and Android

Use our BW2 Apps for iOS and Android or create your own branded Apps. The mobile platform is built Ionic and Devextreme.

Device Integration

Call directly to any account, scan documents with your mobile camera and upload it to your portal, get push notifications and more interactions.

Configuration Based

The mobile applications use the configuration data from your objects. The business logic is reused by creating a server-side instance of the displayed object.

Custom app

We can develop your own app for your operational processes. Manage your business from the palm of your hand.

Web Apps

Access your applications
from any web browser.

Give your customers and partners access to the information and functionality they need and improve your service while reducing costs.

Easy Integration

Give your clients and partners access to review documents, upload invoices and interact with processes on your portal, saving you time and costs.

Configuration Based

The web applications use the configuration data from your objects. The business logic is reused by creating a server-side instance of the displayed object.


We support all the leading browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Developer Platform

Built by Developers
For Developers.

BW2's flexibility lets you build unique solutions. This allows you to extend the power of BW2 to every business process, every customer and every employee. Future proof and versionable.

Graphical Designers

Made for databases, BW2 eliminates much of the database-oriented code needed by your application. Design the user-interface at runtime, define properties, actions, change tracking, notifications without writing code at all. Modify existing objects with the Pro edition. Create new objects with the Enterprise edition.

Open APIs

BW2 provides developers with a complete and easy-to-use object model. This allows to automate processes and workflows, including the user-interface.
The same way, external applications can use the different APIs (.NET, REST) to securely connect to BW2 based applications.

Dynamic Extenders

Dynamic Extenders provide a unique way to extend objects without changes the objects itself. Objects can be extended by more than one Extender at the same time and Extenders can be grouped and shared between different customers.

Enterprise Application Infrastructure

Reduce complexity and cost
with Hosting and Cloud Services.

BW2 applications respond in just milliseconds with the platform's advanced infrastructure features like automatic data caching, background threads, and SQL optimization.

Scalable and International

Scale from a single user to thousands with terabytes of data. Multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple legal entities. Completely secure over HTTPS.

Job Engine

The background job engine allows you to execute tasks on the server. You can create always running tasks, scheduled tasks or create tasks on demand.

Security Built-In

Add security based on roles, teams, legal entities, projects. The security can be applied at every level: objects, user-interface components, code. Two-phase authentication with SMS or Push-Message.

Central Management

The platform can be centrally managed and updated. The configuration and data is stored in the database.

Report Engine

The powerful report engine allows developers and end users to create flexible reports which are aware of users security context.

On Premises or Hosting

You can run your applications on your own infrastructure or use our optimized hosting centers. Either way, the open architecture allows you to connect any webservice, database or application.

Detailed Monitoring

A detailed log (events, errors, performance) allows administrators and developers to perform statistical analyses of important application data.

Dashboard Engine

The easy to use dashboard engine allows developers and end users to create flexible dashboards which are aware of the users security context.

Cloud Services

The BW2 Cloud adds Appointment Scheduling, Document Recognition, Document Signing, Document Sharing, Dynamic Forms, E-Mail, SMS, Campaign-Tracking, Data-Services for AI Assistants.


Server Log


Team Collaboration

Work together on a whole new level. Create, share, and collaborate all in one place to keep your teams moving forward, faster.