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BW2 Technologies AG
Alpenblickstrasse 20
8853 Lachen


BW2 Technology SAC
Avenida 28 de Julio 1005,
Oficina 501-502
Miraflores, Lima

+51 1 647-1829


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BW2 is addressing today’s challenges of small and mid-sized developer teams. Our platform allows software developers and enterprises to combine the advantages of both standard software and custom development. All in a fraction of the time, cost and risk required by any other platform or development tool.

Technical benefits

The increasing speed of a high-tech industry like software development presents smaller and mid-sized developer teams with bigger challenges than ever before.

More and more of developer teams are asked to Internet-enable their applications, to make them mobile-friendly, to make them more scalable, more secure, or simply to redesign their user interfaces to meet today’s standards.

Another big challenge is the customization of standard applications to individual needs. Even in the same industry, every customer has his own specific needs. Adding all these specific requirements to a software solution ultimately leads to complex products.

The BW2 platform provides you with the most advanced technology with full customization possibilities and adds cloud-based services out of the box.

Feature benefits

Typically, smaller developer teams position themselves as small, agile solution providers, knowing what the customer really wants. Often, they offer business solutions for a specific vertical market.

However, approximately 80-95% of the functionality in those business solutions is the same as in many other competitive solutions, such as for application areas like collaboration, contacts, projects, help desk, documents, invoicing and others.

Only 5 to 20% of the solution is really “specific,” meaning unique for a certain market segment (but that 5 to 20% is mission-critical to the customer).

The BW2 platform has all standard features integrated.

Leadership Team

Cyrill Jenni
Founder and Managing Director
Cyrill drives BW2’s strategic vision and our product management. Before BW2, Cyrill built a Standard Business Software the classic way. Not happy with the tools, the vision of BW2 was born.
Marius Grossenbacher
Chairman and Financial Advisor
Marius coordinates financing, reporting, controlling, legal and compliance. Apart from BW2, Marius has several private equity investments.

Marcelo Vetter
Chief Software Architect
Marcelo leads our engineering team and is responsible for BW2’s underlying technology. Thanks to Marcelo, our platform contains a set of unique innovations that enable our customers to build great applications.