The world’s most advanced
Business Software Platform.

Integrated. Extensible. Scalable.

Build new business software and modernize existing applications, to delight existing users and attract new customers.

Collaboration Features

All your documents, emails, tasks, knowledge and projects in one collaborative workspace. On the desktop, the mobile and browser. For internal users, customers and business partners.

Business Features

All standard CRM and ERP functionality is built-in. Ready to use and easy to adapt to your needs. Focus on your industry-specific features and rely on proven functionality in standard areas.

Developer Features

Everything you need to create, operate and monitor your business applications. Based on Microsoft.Net and tools you already know. Our unique technology ensures compatibility with future platform updates.

Cloud Services

Run your applications in our purpose-built datacenters or on your infrastructure. The BW2 Cloud securely extends your applications with services like email, sms, campaigns, forms, document sharing, document signing, appointment scheduling.

For Software Vendors

Upgrade your existing customers to a new enterprise product line.

Boost your license revenues

More features, a beautiful user interface and flexible customizations: Increase the license revenues from your existing user base with a new, recurring pricing model.

Boost your service revenues

The customization layer allows you to adapt your application to individual clients needs. Generate more revenues with services while making customers happier.

No investments required. No risks.

Relying on BW2 as your technology and innovation team will free development resources for customer specific solutions. Our monthly fee of $990 includes unlimited distribution rights.

For Industry Experts

Provide a branded business solution, tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

Industry Experts

You understand your industry’s goals and processes. Partner with BW2 to build an integrated software solution to create sustainable advantage and increase customer binding.

Industry Associations

Create value for your members by providing industry-specific business software, without a staff of programmers.

Industry Leaders

Provide your business partners a branded industry specific solution to manage their entire business. Design the solution to simplify and optimize your communication and revenue streams with your business partners.

For Enterprises

Provide your users  everything in one place. Without complexity and bloat.

Increase productivity

The integration of customized business processes and team-oriented collaboration together with a beautiful user interface results in a new dimension of efficiency and productivity.

Integrate everything

Implement new features and adapt processes as fast as the business requires. Connect existing infrastructures, including databases, web services and third party applications. Extend your solutions to every business process, every app and every employee.

Connect your customers

Give your partners and customers web based access to the information and functionality they need and improve your service while reducing costs.