Everything in one place.
Without complexity and bloat.

Todays business users want an integrated application with a modern, intuitive and efficient user interface. An application that is customized for your company’s unique requirements.

Benefits of an Integrated Software Platform

Reduce complexity and increase Productivity.

Using technology effectively allows you to save time, maximize employee resources, remain competitive, reduce your regulatory burden while adding process efficiency and increasing productivity.

Increased Productivity

When the individual components of a software platform are built to work hand-in-hand, they improve efficiency and the overall user experience.

Less Employee Training

Anytime you implement new technology, there is going to be training involved - it is inevitable. Fewer systems to learn equals less training, a faster adaptation rate by your employees, and ultimately, increased productivity.

Less Overall Cost

It is less expensive to purchase software as a package rather than individual products. Furthermore, when you factor in the reduced implementation costs, it seems like a no brainer. Having fewer vendor relationships to manage is yet another benefit of purchasing software as a package.

Custom Development + Standard Software

Get the best of both standard software and custom development

Custom software is designed specifically for your unique needs, and, when done well, provides an almost perfect solution to your problem. At the same time, standard software is available at much lower and transparent costs.

Standard Software Advantages

Lower and transparent costs, subscription-based plans do not require initial investments.

Get a rich and ample variety of features included in the off the shelf software.

Quick implementation based on best practices, most systems are ready to use straight away.

Fully tested by thousands of users.

Regular Updates, new Features and improvements are included.

Saves Time, as all design and development, including the testing are offer by BW2.

Custom Software Advantages

Provides a simpler and more intuitive user interface as unused features are being cut off from a personalized solution and more specialized functions are being added, but they remain viable to be enabled as soon as these become feasible to use.

Can be easily modified and expanded as fast as your business requires.

You own the software, you can do what you need with it.

This offers an advantage over your competitors. Being able to adapt software infrastructure and processes without big investments as the market or the branch develops is a necessity in a fast changing business environment.

You can also decide to license the software to other companies, generating additional revenue. Many BW2 customers have overcompensated their investments this way.

Solution as a Service

Slash the pain, cost and risk of custom business software solutions.

The fastest and most affordable path to your custom business solutions. Ideally suited to replace your siloed legacy apps and to cover new business processes with software.

Fastest Time to Production

Outsourcing solution development and requirements engineering to our experienced teams reduces time and cost and allows you to focus on your business and your customers. Building on proven standard features not only saves time but also removes risks and improves quality in a reasonable timeframe.

No Investments required

Our attractive, subscription-based model does not require initial investments for your custom solutions. We provide you a dedicated solution expert backed by our team of specialized developers and software architects.

Continuous Improvements

Our solution as a service offering includes developer resources to permanently improve your solution. This ensures that your solution always stays in sync with your business requirements. You will also benefit from new features of the BW2 platform at no additional cost.
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